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Ania Pieroni
Ania Pieroni in Tenebrae (1982) and House by the Cemetery (1981)

Italian Scream Queen Ania Pieroni acted in few films, but those in that she did appear are all very memorable. She played a medical student in Dario Argento's Inferno (1980), then wowed us as the decapitated babysitter in Lucio Fulci's House By The Cemetery (1981), before taking a stand-out victim role in Argento's slasher classic Tenebrae (1982).

Scream Queen Ania Pieroni
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Ania Pieroni
Didn't act in enough films to hone her skills above the norm. Didn't really matter - she gave what was required when the director turned the screw. A stunning beauty with distinctive eyebrows and piercing blue/green eyes. Not much nudity in her filmography. Good scream though.
ANIA PIERONI MOVIES ON... House by the Cemetery, Tenebrae, Inferno House by the Cemetery, Tenebrae, Inferno
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