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Annie Belle
Annie Belle in House On The Edge of the Park (1980) and Absurd (1981)
  Famed for her short hair and cute tomboy looks, Annie Belle is known mostly for her role as the seductive Lisa in Ruggero Deodato's twisted rape/revenge thriller House On The Edge of the Park (1980). For that movie alone she is etched into the history of exploitation cinema. Annie can also be seen in the sequel to Anthropophagus: Joe D'Amato's lacklustre Absurd (1981), and in a variety of European sexploitation classics, including Bacchanales Sexuelles (1974), Annie (aka Laure, 1976), Velluto Nero (aka Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle, 1976) and Nana (1982) and The Alcove (1984).
Scream Queen Annie Belle
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Annie Belle
Took on mostly frivolous roles in insubstantial movies, but completely redeems herself in House On The Edge of the Park. Liberal with her nude scenes, Annie Belle has stirred the loins of many an exploitation movie geek and remains a genre favourite to this day.
ANNIE BELLE MOVIES ON... Absurd, House On The Edge of the Park, The Alcove, Bacchanales Sexuelles Absurd, House On The Edge of the Park, The Alcove, Bacchanales Sexuelles
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