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Brigitte Skay
Brigitte Skay in Mario Bava's Bay of Blood (1971) and the Nazi exploitation classic SS Hell Camp (1977)

This flame-haired Italian beauty is best known for
her appearances in Mario Bava's Bay of Blood (1971) and sleazy Nazi exploitation classic SS Hell Camp (aka Beast In Heat, 1977). There's no doubting her looks -
Ms. Skay is one hot lady and is not afraid to strip
off for the camera. She's surely some top Euro tottie!

Scream Queen Brigitte Skay
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Brigitte Skay
A fairly composed but typically Italian acting style. Possesses wonderful hazel eyes and Sophia Loren style looks - very striking. Stripped off naked for a famous scene in Mario Bava's Bay of Blood. Good screaming skills in that very same film, but not much else to scream about.
BRIGITTE SKAY MOVIES ON... Bay of Blood, SS Hell Camp Bay of Blood, SS Hell Camp
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