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Catriona MacColl
Catriona MacColl in City of the Living Dead (1980), The Beyond (1981) and House By the Cemetery (1981)
Born in London, England in 1954, Catriona MacColl began acting in the late Seventies - starting with TV roles, and a minor part in the cheesy sword and sorcery movie Hawk The Slayer (1980) - before breaking through in Lucio Fulci's highly-regarded zombie classic City of the Living Dead (also 1980). In this film Catriona proved her screaming credentials in a scene where she is buried alive inside a coffin, then dug out by a man with a pickaxe. It's MacColl at her hysterical best. Director Fulci liked Catriona so much that he cast her in two more movies in 1981 - The Beyond and House By the Cemetery. Both have since gone on to become sick classics in their own right, and MacColl has become a favourite of genre fans worldwide.
Scream Queen Catriona MacColl
United Kingdom
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Catriona MacColl
Catriona is a lovely cultured blonde with a nice smile and piercing scream - good attributes for a budding Scream Queen. Her acting ability is good - well above the exploitation norm, and her scream is piercing! Her contribution to the craft of the Scream Queen is undisputed.
CATRIONA MACCOLL MOVIES ON... Hawk The Slayer, The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, City of the Living Dead Hawk The Slayer, The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, City of the Living Dead
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