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Linnea Quigley
Linnea Quigley in Don't Go Near The Park (1981) and Return of the Living Dead (1985)
Born in Iowa in 1957, Linnea Quigley became the
golden girl of 1980s horror exploitation cinema and
has appeared in nearly 100 movies. Though many
of her films have been poor Quigley has always
stood out, and has been lucky enough to appear
in a few genre classics. Return of the Living Dead
(1985) being a particular highlight. One thing's for sure: Linnea is one helluva sexy Scream Queen!
Scream Queen Linnea Quigley
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Linnea Quigley
Not reknowned for her acting ability, but better than most. Pretty as a peach in her early years, going for a more 'rock chick' look later. Wasn't afraid to strip off, but did wear a Mirkin to cover her pubes in Return of the Living Dead. Quigley also had a pretty good scream.
LINNEA QUIGLEY MOVIES ON... Don't Go Near The Park, Return of the Living Dead, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Don't Go Near The Park, Return of the Living Dead, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
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