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Margit Evelyn Newton
Margit Evelyn Newton in Hell of the Living Dead (1980)
Margi Newton is something of a cult exploitation favourite among
splat fans though she has only appeared in a few films of note.
Her appearance in Hell of the Living Dead (1980) is noteworthy for
some starlingly brazen (and hilarious) nudity, as well as for her
eye-popping death scene. Newton also made appearances in
The Last Hunter (1980) and The Bronx Executioner (1989) before
disappearing from the exploitation movie scene.
Scream Queen Margit Evelyn Newton
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Margit Evelyn Newton
Margit is the queen of cheesy Italian acting. An unfair comment when you consider how few films she made. She is a very sexy lady though - reinforced by her scenes in Hell of the Living Dead, where she strips to reveal her perfect breasts. Otherwise she wouldn't be on this list!
MARGIT EVELYN NEWTON MOVIES ON... Hell of the Living Dead, The Last Hunter, Bronx Executioner Hell of the Living Dead, The Last Hunter, Bronx Executioner
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