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Olga Karlatos
Olga Karlatos in Lucio Fulci's Zombie (1979)
Super-MILF Olga Karlatos is most famous for her amazing performance in Lucio Fulci's Zombie (1979). In that film she plays the improbably beautiful wife of a doctor trapped on a zombie-infested Carribbean island. She shows off her great body in a shower scene, before having her eye impaled by a bloody great spike. It's a classic of sick cinema and a much-loved scene, all thanks to the wonderful Olga. Karlatos also starred in a number of other notable genre films during the Seventies and Eighties, including: Keoma (aka Django Strikes Again, 1975), Cyclone (1978), and Lucio Fulci's Murder-Rock - Dancing Death (aka Slashdance, 1984).
Scream Queen Olga Karlatos
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Olga Karlatos
Very good actress actually. Has acted opposite Anthony Perkins in The Sins of Dorian Grey (1981); in a 1986 episode of Miami Vice, and also in Prince's Purple Rain (1984). Olga also appeared in an Italian T&A movie, called Skin Deep (1979), so wasn't scared to show her body.
OLGA KARLATOS MOVIES ON... Zombie, Keoma, Purple Rain, Cyclone, Murder Rock Zombie, Keoma, Purple Rain, Cyclone, Murder Rock
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