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Raquel Meroño
Raquel Meroño in Stuart Gordon's Dagon (2001)
Some might disagree with the inclusion of Spanish-born Meroño into this feature, but we'd have to say: "check out Stuart Gordon's Dagon (2001)..." Not only is it a really good film, but Meroño also gives a surprisingly good performance as a Scream Queen. She's hot. She's a good actress. She gets her kit off. What more do you want?
Scream Queen Raquel Meroño
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Raquel Meroño
Began acting in 1996, mostly in TV. Her stunning looks also mean lots of magazine appearances. Not too many English language films though. Great performance in Dagon - the end sequence sees Raquel being a great sport and showing us how good her set of lungs are.
RAQUEL MERONO MOVIES ON... Dagon, Beneath Still Waters Dagon, Beneath Still Waters
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