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Susan George
Susan George in Die Screaming, Marianne (1971) and Straw Dogs (1971)

English rose Susan George started out in small TV and movie roles in the 1960s. When she tured eighteen (and was therefore of age) she branched-out into horror/exploitation films and made appearences in Michael Reeves' The Sorcerers (1967), Fright (1971) and Die Screaming, Marianne (1971). The highlight of George's horror career, though, was as the tormented and molested Amy, playing opposite Dustin Hoffman in Sam Peckenpah's gritty rape drama Straw Dogs (1971).

Scream Queen Susan George
United Kingdom
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Susan George
Worked hard during the Sixties, so by the time the Seventies came along she was a honed and credible actress. Directors loved George's innocent looks and took every opportunity to show off her stunning body, culminating in the eye-popping rape scenes
as seen in Straw Dogs.
SUSAN GEORGE MOVIES ON... Straw Dogs, Die Screaming Marianne, Fright, The Sorcerers Straw Dogs, Die Screaming Marianne, Fright, The Sorcerers
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