Classic Sick Films :
Battle Royale
Bumfights 2
Cannibal Holocaust
Day Of The Dead
Eaten Alive
The Evil Dead
Flesh For Frankenstein
House On The Edge
Of The Park

Island Of Death
I Spit On Your Grave
Men Behind The Sun
Street Trash
The Texas Chain
Saw Massacre

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Last House On The Left (1972) - instant download video!
Why does this website exist? What purpose does it serve? Two good questions that we're about to answer whether you like it or not... is an outlet for the enthusiasm of a number of talented creative individuals who "get the joke" on this much maligned form of film-making. The contributors to this website appreciate extreme, creative art - which is what these films are - and want to tell you about the films they like, in a way that they hope will help you see the funny side.

And there is a funny side. Imagine the actors stifling their laughs (come on: these so-called nasties are funny because they're so goddamn bad!); imagine what the actors (and crew) felt like when they were filming the craziest scenes; imagine (for a second) that these people got paid for making these films... Yes: there's no end to the hilarity at

It goes without saying that we're not really interested in so-called "snuff movies" [which we doubt exist anyway, and really don't care if they do] or in sitting through hours of autopsy footage or real death scenes - our appetite is for new and classic films that rate highly on the sickometer, that make us laugh (and hurl at the same time).

At the end of the day this site is made as a labour of love by a bunch of ordinary guys, with everyday lives, families, and not a criminal record in sight. All of us have been watching crazy movies since our early teens, and none of us have gone on to become axe murderers.

We welcome any and all comments about our site. Suggestions, movie tips, requests, abuse - whatever - just email us at: webmaster at

NOTE: has been going since 2001, but spent much of it's early life broken and unfinished (it was initially nothing more than a practise website built by our resident design guru). It was redesigned in 2005 but still suffered a few problems due to the fact that no one could be arsed to finish it off properly. Now, though, many of these glitches have been ironed-out and the site is now starting to look like it's working properly. Shit the bed! It's amazing the motivation you can generate with a horsewhip...
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The DVD format is now so widespread that many rare and unusual exploitation films are now seeing the light of day. And at last we can now easily rediscover the delights of lost "classics" such as Flesh For Frankenstein and Island Of Death, and in a convenient way. And many rare films are now being lovingly restored by distributors who can see the good in these movies - the fun. The joy. And it is joy, because during the nastiest scenes in the movies we love so much here we're always giggling at the back of our minds. Like schoolchildren. And we keep repeating, over and over: "It's only a movie. It's only a movie..." just like the poster said.
Peter Jackon's Bad Taste

For years the British public has had to put up with crappy, butchered UK releases at the hands of the BBFC. Now they can bypass the censors and order totally uncut copies of their favourite "nasties" on countless websites worldwide.
With DVD and the Internet it has never been easier to gross out your mates with your wierd film collection, or introduce your unhinged girlfriend to the perverted wonders of House On The Edge Of The Park, or sit your mad Aunt down to watch Re-Animator... Or whatever. There are a lot of great sick films out there - we hope to bring the very best to your attention here...

It is still illegal to supply or intend to supply an uncertificated film in the UK, but it is NOT illegal to import uncertificated films from other countries INTO the UK, for your own personal use. You are well within your rights to buy a film from a website based in the United States, or Hong Kong, or France, or anywhere - and import it into the UK. As long as you're not buying in bulk you will be okay. The DVDs for sale here on this website (via the Sick Films Store) are delivered from one of the biggest online distributors in the USA, and are almost always uncut. Please check the film details for confirmation.
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