Classic Sick Films :
Battle Royale
Bumfights 2
Cannibal Holocaust
Day Of The Dead
Eaten Alive
The Evil Dead
Flesh For Frankenstein
House On The Edge
Of The Park

Island Of Death
I Spit On Your Grave
Men Behind The Sun
Street Trash
The Texas Chain
Saw Massacre

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Welcome to the Feature section. Here you will find a number of specially-written articles based on a variety of themes. Zombies, Scream Queens, Video Nasties, BluRay - and more. We will be adding more features over time, so check back for updates every once in a while.
The Video Nasty List - The DPP39 and beyond
[Above] The wonderful world of Video Nasties.
High Definition horror films
[Above] Click the image above to read our feature about sick films on BluRay.
Click to see our twisted poster collection
[Above] Our specially-prepared collection of incredible, twisted movie posters.
[Below] The best (and sexiest) horror movie Scream Queens of all time!
The sexiest Scream Queens of all time!
[Below] It was written a long time ago, but is still relevant now - 45 of the best (and worst) zombie films of all time, reviewed and rated, with a favourite picked-out at the end. Dedicated to the memory of George A. Romero.
Enter the realm of the Living Dead...
Sludgefeast Magazine: Hardcover Special Edition
This highly-detailed underground horror publication is now available as a hardcover Special Edition in large format A4. Stunning layouts. Thoughtful features. Densely packed with ideas and information.
SludgefeastPDF book on demand
Beware The Baby-Eating Beast ...
Joe D'Amato's atrocious, but very very sick (and fun in places) Anthropophageous The Beast is available on DVD from a few distributors, but beware: many versions are heavily shorn of their sickest moments. We have a comparison of the different versions out there. MORE
The Sickest Dracula Ever Made?
When Bram Stoker wrote his classic tale of horror he never could have envisaged it'd be like this... Udo Kier plays a Dracula that can only drink the blood of virgins, and finds a family full of them. Unfortunately, gardener Joe Dallesandro is one step ahead of him in deflowering the virgins.
Dereks Don't Run ...
In case you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you may like to know that Peter 'Lord Of The Rings' Jackson's first bunch of movies where veritable sick puppies. Take his first: Bad Taste, for instance - which isn't called Bad Taste for nothing. Or Meet The Feebles...
Enter the realm of the Living Dead...
Return of the Living Dead Street Trash Meltdown Edition The Toxic Avenger Last House on the Left

The goriest zombie spoof ever made!

Funny, sick and stylish low-budget splatter

Very sick superhero movie: two-disc set

Wes Craven's first film: still uncompromising
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Enter the realm of the Living Dead...