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Special feature: the sexiest scream queens of all time
WRITTEN BY: Brain Eater
ALL HORROR FANS have their favourite Scream Queens - the lovely ladies who endure the worst tortures a horror film director can throw at them. And we're no different to anyone else. So we've assembled a list of our favourites - the Scream Queens who we think are the sexiest; most willing to push the boundaries of taste; and most talented in terms of acting.

You can view our FULL LIST of Top 20 Scream Queens, or you can view each entry individually by clicking the links below.
Adams, Brooke
Belle, Annie
Biel, Jessica
Burns, Marilyn
Crampton, Barbara
Curtis, Jamie Lee
De Selle, Lorraine
Farrow, Tisa
George, Susan
Karlatos, Olga
Keaton, Camille
Kerova, Zora
MacColl, Catriona
Meroño, Raquel
Munro, Caroline
Newton, Margit Evelyn
Pieroni, Ania
Quigley, Linnea
Skay, Brigitte
Tallman, Patricia
We will also be adding more of our favourite horror film actresses to this list over the coming weeks. If there's someone you think should be on here: email us and we will consider their inclusion.
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