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House By The Cemetery
High-Def Gore!
Our favourite sicko movies - now in high definition!
WRITTEN BY: Brain Eater
EVERY TIME I SEE ONE I think the same thing: "who'da thunk it?! A "video nasty" on Blu-Ray!" Wonders never cease. The truth is: very few so-called video nasties (by that I mean villified horror and exploitation films) are actually worth releasing in high def. Some nasties are so poorly filmed that to release them in high definition would be akin to laminating a turd, rather than polishing it. A select few, though, have made it to Blu-Ray, and here's a run down of what's available.

Note: Some Blu-Ray discs are region locked, and some are region free.
Check our notes on disc regions and TV systems here.
Also, check the detail in the product listings if you are unsure.
The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie Intruder combo Blu-Ray and DVD edition Also known as Zombie Flesh Eaters The Evil Dead on Blu-Ray

Manchester Morgue in glorious Blu-Ray

Scott Spiegel's gory Intruder in hi def

Lucio Fulci's Zombie on Blu-Ray

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead in high definition!
At the time of writing, North America - also known as Region A - is best served with high definition sicko movies, though the UK and Europe (also known as Region B) also have a number of surprising releases. To be commended are companies like Arrow Video, Shameless, Blue Underground, Synapse and Anchor Bay, all of whom are at least trying to make some kind of a dent into this marketplace - the world of sleazy movies!

Quality, as you might expect at this stage, is patchy. High definition can really show the grain in a poorly filmed (and poor transferred) video nasty, but having clearer grain (!) really isn't a deal-breaker with any of these films. I guess cost and value are the most important factors when deciding whether to upgrade your films from DVD or not.
Battle Royale three disc special edition from Arrow Video Cannibal Holocaust Director's Cut on Blu-Ray The Human Centipede on Blu-Ray Wolf Creek on Blu-Ray

Battle Royale special
Blu-Ray edition

Cannibal Holocaust on Blu-Ray, though not uncut

The original Human Centipede on Blu-Ray

The mean-spirited Wolf Creek on Blu-Ray
In terms of 'no-brainers' - that is: Blu-Ray editions you really have to own - the Arrow Video high def edition of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead remains the best transfer to Blu-Ray we've ever seen. It really is incredibly good. Synapse Films' Intruder combo pack is also a perfect tribute to a long-lost slasher classic. The PAL versions of Lucio Fulci's cheeseball classics The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, City of the Living Dead and Zombie are all well represented on Blu-Ray too. Not to mention the seminal Battle Royale.

In terms of 'surprises', there are quite a few. Who'd ever think the work of Herschell Gordon Lewis would ever reach Blu-Ray? Well it has. With a double pack comprising of The Wizard of Gore and The Gore Gore Girls. Sick, eh? How about Frank Henenlotter's cheapo-but-great Basket Case? Something Weird has released a Blu-Ray edition. No shit. Christ, even Faces of Death has been released on Blu-Ray! Wonders never cease...
So what next for Blu-Ray and our favourite kinds of films? Is the small but perfectly-formed selection we've currently got all that we're going to get, or will there be more released in future? I guess that all depends on whether people like me and you continue to buy what's out there already. If we support Blu-Ray then the companies will release more titles.

Finally a few suggestions for sick films we'd like to see on Blu-Ray, but haven't yet managed to squeeze their way through the mire... Re-Animator, Street Trash, Flesh For Frankenstein, House On The Edge of the Park, Island of Death, Don't Go In The House, Evilspeak, and a bunch of Brigitte Lahaie porno movies from the 70s. Oops, did we just type that out loud? :-)
Beyond the Darkness aka Buio Omega (1979) now on Blu-Ray Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case (1982) on Blu-Ray 42nd Street Forever Blu-Ray Edition, from Synapse Films David Cronenberg's classic Videodrome - Criterion Blu-Ray Edition

Beyond the Darkness
Blu-Ray DVD combo

Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case on Blu-Ray

Hi def celebration of Grindhouse cinema

Criterion Blu-Ray of Cronenberg's Videodrome
List of interesting "sick films" currently available on high definiton Blu-Ray...

Region A (USA/CAN)

2001 Maniacs Blu-Ray
28 Days Later Blu-Ray
42nd Street Forever Blu-Ray
A Nightmare On Elm Street Blu-Ray
Army of Darkness Blu-Ray Screw Ed.
Basket Case Blu-Ray
Battle Royale Blu-Ray
Beyond the Darkness Blu-Ray combo
Braindead aka Dead Alive Blu-Ray
Burial Ground Blu-Ray
City of the Living Dead Blu-Ray
Creepshow Blu-Ray
Dawn of the Dead 2004 Blu-Ray
Dawn of the Dead 1978 Blu-Ray import
Day of the Dead Blu-Ray
Dead & Buried Blu-Ray
Deadly Spawn, The Blu-Ray
Deep Red Blu-Ray
Evil Aliens Blu-Ray
Evil Dead 2 Blu-Ray
Evil Dead, The Blu-Ray
Exorcist, The Blu-Ray
Faces of Death Blu-Ray
Frankenhooker Blu-Ray
Galaxy of Terror Blu-Ray
Gore Gore Girls/Wizard of Gore Blu-Ray
Grindhouse Blu-Ray 2 disc Coll. Ed.
Halloween II Blu-Ray 30th Ann. Ed.
Hardware Blu-Ray
Hatchet Blu-Ray
Hatchet II Blu-Ray
Hellraiser Blu-Ray
Hellraiser Blu-Ray Midnight Madness
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Blu-Ray
Hills Have Eyes, The Blu-Ray
Hostel Blu-Ray
Hostel II Blu-Ray
House By The Cemetery Blu-Ray
Human Centipede Blu-Ray
Human Centipede II Blu-Ray
Humanoids From The Deep Blu-Ray
I Spit On Your Grave Blu-Ray
Inferno Blu-Ray
Intruder Blu-Ray DVD combo
Jacob's Ladder Blu-Ray
Killer Nun Blu-Ray
Killer's Moon Blu-Ray
Land of the Dead Blu-Ray
Last House on the Left 1972 Blu-Ray
Living Dead Manchester Morgue Blu-Ray
Maniac Blu-Ray
Maniac Cop Blu-Ray
Mother's Day Blu-Ray
My Bloody Valentine 3D Blu-Ray
New York Ripper, The Blu-Ray
Night of the Creeps Blu-Ray
Prowler, The Blu-Ray
Return of the Living Dead Blu-Ray
Santa Sangre Blu-Ray
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 Blu-Ray
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Blu-Ray
Toolbox Murders, The Blu-Ray
Torso Blu-Ray
Two Evil Eyes Blu-Ray
Vampyres Blu-Ray
Videodrome Blu-Ray
Zombie Blu-Ray
Zombie Holocaust Blu-Ray

Region B (UK & EUR)

Battle Royale Blu-Ray 3 discs
Cannibal Holocaust Blu-Ray
City of the Living Dead Blu-Ray
Dawn of the Dead Blu-Ray
Day of the Dead Blu-Ray
Diary of the Dead Blu-Ray
Eraserhead Blu-Ray
Evil Dead, The Blu-Ray
Evil Dead II Blu-Ray
Exorcist, The Blu-Ray
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Blu-Ray
Hostel Blu-Ray
House By the Cemetery Blu-Ray
Human Centipede Blu-Ray
I Spit On Your Grave Blu-Ray
Land of the Dead Blu-Ray
Maniac Cop Blu-Ray
Return of the Living Dead Blu-Ray
Survival of the Dead Blu-Ray
Suspiria Blu-Ray
Tenebrae Blu-Ray
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Blu-Ray
Videodrome Blu-Ray
Wolf Creek Blu-Ray

If you know of any other films that deserve to be on this list: drop us an email, with details, and we'll consider including them. Also: we don't know a great deal about Blu-Ray in other regions, but would like to include them, so - if you can help us compile a list - drop us a line. Many thanks!
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