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Video Nasties: The DPP 39!!! A film collector's wish list...
WRITTEN BY: Brain Eater
BACK IN 1984, at the height of the "Video Nasties" hysteria, the powers that be did one good thing - amidst every other pointless and stupid action they carried out - and that was: to create a definitive list of "must-see" films for horror film fans to track down, watch, and tick off their list. When authorities ban films, they also inadvertantly make them much more desirable to your average film buff. If they hadn't banned "Forest Of Fear" or "Night of the Demon" would anyone have ever given a shit about these super-lame films ever again? Unlikely. And many directors have thanked authorities for banning their films - it has given them unprecidented coverage and kept their films alive in the market. Morbid curiosity; a desire to watch a film and make up one's own mind; film history - all valid reasons for tracking down and watching these demented films. Especially if you haven't seen them. Some are actually quite brilliant.
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Evilspeak (1981)
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Cannibal Ferox (1981)
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Anthropophagous (1980)
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Tenebrae (1982)
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Here's a list of films that were prosecuted for obscenity in the UK in 1984. The top 39 films are the ones that were ruled against, and banned. The remainder are the ones that were acquitted. Even the acquitted films were siezed and burned, such was the ferocity of the ridiculous witch hunt whipped-up by the delusional press and clueless politicians. There was nothing good about that side of the story.

At present in the UK many of these once-banned films are now certificated (by the BBFC) and available legally. Some of them uncut, even. But not all of them are legal. A few remain banned to this day. I Spit On Your Grave and House On The Edge of the Park remain "verboten" in terms of BBFC certified uncut releases. If you want to search more for UK release legality, check out the BBFC website.

Note: Some Blu-Ray discs are region locked, and some are region free.
Check the detail in the product listings if you are unsure.
The Video Nasties List
01. Absurd (1981)
02. Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (1974)
03. Anthropophagus Beast, The (1980)
04. Axe (1977)
05. Beast in Heat, The (1977)
06. Blood Bath (1971)
07. Blood Feast (1963)
08. Blood Rites (1968)
09. Bloody Moon (1981)
10. Burning, The (1980)
11. Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)
12. Cannibal Ferox (1981)
13. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
14. Cannibal Man, The (1972)
15. Devil Hunter, The (1980)
16. Don’t Go in the Woods... Alone! (1981)
17. Driller Killer, The (1979)
18. Evilspeak (1981)
19. Expose (1976)
20. Faces of Death (1978)
21. Fight for Your Life (1977)
22. Forest of Fear (1980)
23. Gestapo’s Last Orgy (1977)
24. House By the Cemetery, The (1981)
25. House on the Edge of the Park (1980)
26. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)
27. Island of Death (1975)
28. Last House on the Left, The (1972)
29. Love Camp 7 (1969)
30. Madhouse (1981)
31. Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)
32. Night of the Bloody Apes (1970)
33. Night of the Demon (1980)
34. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain (1981)
35. Snuff (1976)
36. SS Experiment Camp (1976)
37. Tenebrae (1982)
38. Werewolf and the Yeti, The (1975)
39. Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)
The Unforgiven Remainder
40. Beyond, The (1981)
41. Bogey Man, The (1980)
42. Cannibal Terror (1981)
43. Contamination (1981)
44. Dead and Buried (1981)
45. Death Trap (1977)
46. Deep River Savages (1972)
47. Delirium (1979)
48. Don't Go in the House (1980)
49. Don't Go Near the Park (1981)
50. Don't Look in the Basement (1973)
51. Evil Dead, The (1982)
52. Frozen Scream (1975)
53. Funhouse, The (1981)
54. Human Experiments (1980)
55. I Miss You, Hugs & Kisses (1978)
56. Inferno (1980)
57. Killer Nun (1978)
58. Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue, The (1974)
59. Night Train Murders (1975)
60. Nightmare Maker (1983)
61. Possession (1981)
62. Pranks (1982)
63. Prisoner of the Cannibal God (1978)
64. Revenge of the Bogey Man (1983)
65. Slayer, The (1983)
66. Terror Eyes (1981)
67. Toolbox Murders, The (1978)
68. Unhinged (1982)
69. Visiting Hours (1982)
70. Witch Who Came From the Sea, The (1976)
71. Women Behind Bars (1975)
72. Zombie Creeping Flesh (1980)
The Beyond BluRay
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Zombie Creeping Flesh (1980) on BluRay Flesh For Frankenstein (1974) on BluRay Nightmares in a Damaged Brain (1981) on BluRay Mardi Gras Massacre (1978) on BluRay

Zombie Creeping Flesh (1980) on BluRay

Flesh For Frankenstein (1974) on BluRay

Nightmares in a Damaged Brain (1981) on BluRay

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978) on BluRay
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