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TITLE: House On The Edge
Of The Park

DIRECTOR: Ruggero Deodato
YEAR: 1980
DURATION: 90 mins
ORIGINAL TITLE: Casa Sperduta Nel Parco, La
ALSO KNOWN AS: House At The Edge Of The Park
STARRING: David Hess (Alex), Annie Belle (Lisa), Christian Borromeo (Tom), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Ricky), Marie Claude Joseph (Glenda), Gabriele Di Giulio (Howard), Brigitte Petronio (Cindy), Karoline Mardeck (Susan), Lorraine De Selle (Gloria)
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David Hess (as Alex) with his trademark permanent wave
Tonight we're gonna boogie...
REVIEWED BY: Brain Eater
THANKFULLY RE-RELEASED and restored on DVD, this long-lost sick classic could be considered an Italian remake of Wes Craven's infamous Last House On The Left - moreso because Last House's lead man - David Hess - is also the lead man in this movie.
Hess plays Alex: a car mechanic by day and vicious rapist by night. Alex and his simpleton sidekick Ricky chance upon a couple who invite them to a party, only for it to be a trap in revenge of one of Alex's previous rapes. Alex obviously doesn't take too kindly to this and mercilessly beats the instigators to a bloody pulp using a table top.
Then things begin to get really twisted. Alex orders Ricky to rape one of the girls, then forces the girls to kiss each other. There are more beatings, and fights with broken bottles, then the doorbell rings. It's Cindy - a (very young) friend of the party-goers - who enters the house and teases Alex, not knowning he's a serial rapist. Well, what follows after this is terrifying viewing, even for the most hardy exploitation movie fan - compounded by Riz Ortolani's screeching accompanying ballad "Cindy, Oh Cindy". Needless to say: poor Cindy winds up wishing she'd never gone out that night.
Ultimately, though, it's Alex that ends up wishing he'd stayed at home (as if we couldn't guess it wouldn't happen) as he's riddled with bullets by all the party-goers at the end of the film. The ending is weak to be honest - shit: the whole plot is paper-thin - but that's not to say House On The Edge Of The Park doesn't have it's moments. It does. Those moments are some of the most wince-inducing in cinema history, and for that reason alone are worth checking out. Just don't show it to your girlfriend (unless you know she can take a joke).
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Uncomfortable viewing in places, but a must-see for sleaze hounds. They don't make films like this any more...
Love me - love my straight razor... David Hess ups the madman intensity while John Morghen whimpers along for the ride. Cindy’s mutilation remains a squirm-inducing sequence. Plus: features top Euro totty courtesy of Annie Belle and Lorraine de Salle.
Cheapo Euro dubbing, combined with ropey dialogue, Euro disco pop, and lashings of violence equals one of the sickest films ever made. Urgh.