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The sickest Frankenstein ever made...
TITLE: Flesh For Frankenstein
DIRECTOR: Paul Morrissey
YEAR: 1974
DURATION: 95 mins
ALSO KNOWN AS: Andy Warhol's Frankenstein
STARRING: Joe Dallessandro (Nicholas), Monique van Vooren (Baroness Frankenstein), Udo Kier (Baron Frankenstein), Arno Juerging (Otto), Dalila Di Lazzaro (Female Monster), Srdjan Zelenovic (Male Monster)
Original Flesh For Frankenstein movie poster
Fucking death in the gall bladder...
REVIEWED BY: Brain Eater
MADE BACK-TO-BACK with Blood For Dracula - another so-called Warhol splatter movie - Flesh For Frankenstein is undoubtedly one of the goriest and disturbing (some would say stupid) takes on the Mary Shelley horror tale ever filmed. Or ever filmed in 3D... Yes, believe it or not, but when this movie first hit the big screens back in 1974 it was shown in 3D, which explains some of the exaggerated on-screen actions of Dr. Frankenstein and friends. And exaggerated is what this rendition is: with ridiculous ideas, campy dialogue and Joe Dallessandro dishing out the sex left right and centre (as usual) this really is Frankenstein like you've never seen him before.

The inimitable Udo Kier plays the Baron and is pretty convincing as a mass-murdering necrophile - at one point mounting a gutted female corpse to have sex with it (bringing about the infamous line: "To know life Otto, you must first fuck death in the gall bladder.")
Frankenstein hatches a plan to build two superhuman monsters - one male, one female - to mate and raise a superhuman army. This gives rise to some startlingly funny situations, like one scene in which the Baron orders the female monster to arouse the male monster, to no effect - only to lose his cool and take it out on his long-suffering assistant Otto.

After Otto accidentally disembowells the Baron's housekeeper in a sexual attack, things start to fall apart. The Baron's sinister children offer hero Dallessandro a way into the lab and he confronts the Baron about his sickening experiments. The resulting bloodbath must've looked great in 3D on the big screen (guts and entrails literally fly out of the screen in some scenes), and is entertaining enough in 2D. Criterion recently re-released Flesh For Frankenstein on DVD using an amazing new print and adding lots of extras. Put it at the top of your must-have sick film list.
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Perverted and proud of it. Bit slow in places, and the FX are primitive, but it's a classic non the less.
Not to be taken seriously. Leave your brain in the morgue and you'll enjoy this blood-drenched, corpse-sewing masterpiece of sickness.
I saw this in 3D in London recently and it was great. Without 3D it's testing viewing if your bullshit detector is turned too 'high'.