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The randy shepherd - having his wicked way with Christopher
TITLE: Island Of Death
DIRECTOR: Nico Mastorakis
YEAR: 1975
DURATION: 110 mins
ORIGINAL TITLE: Ta Pedhia Tou Dhiavolou (The Killing Of Satan)
ALSO KNOWN AS: A Craving For Lust (UK cut version), Psychic Killer 2 (UK re-submission, rejected in 1987), Cruel Destination, Devils In Mykonos (US), Island Of Perversion (US)
STARRING: Bob Belling (Christopher), Jane Ryall (Celia), Nikos Tsachiridis (Shepherd)
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Christopher taunts his victim from above
The lucky ones got their brains blown out...
REVIEWED BY: Brain Eater
IF EVER a film made you question your moral judgement, sense of humour and film-buying decisions, then Island Of Death is it. This succinctly-titled Seventies Greek blasterpiece is something of a tour de force of sado masochistic sex and violence, and after watching it you can't help but sit there and think: "how on earth did they ever get to make a film like this?" The catch is: you'll probably be giggling to yourself as you think this - trying to work out how you're going to explain what you just saw to your friends and colleagues. Such is the gleeful innocence in which writer/director/producer Mastoriakis presents the unbelievable on-screen carnage.

If you've never seen Island Of Death you're probably sat there thinking: "what could be so bad?" Well, as a film, Island Of Death is greater than the sum of it's parts. There's no point writing a big list of all the shocking scenes it contains. Better to sum up the way it makes you feel after a viewing. Which is: dazed, confused, elated, digusted and (most probably) turned-on (though you'd never admit it).

It's a story about a young couple - Christopher (Bob Belling) and Celia (Jane Ryall), on vacation in Greece. Initially they seem like a normal, fun-loving couple, but very quickly it becomes apparent that there is a screw loose when the couple begin to trap, torture and murder innocent locals in order to "rid the island of perversion."

Eventually Christopher and Celia are tracked by the police, but only after maiming and raping half a Greek island. It's hilarious, wince-inducing stuff, and thankfully well-filmed. Mastorakis undoubtedly pushes it with the sex and violence, but there is an undoubted charm and naivety to this film that prevents you from turning it off. It's, strangely, very watchable. In fact, no one could accuse Island Of Death of being unwatchable. Questionable - yes. And possibly unlistenable, to some (it's got a very unique soundtrack). But not unwatchable.

Those bound by the laws of political correctness will hate this film and the way it victimises minorities. Those with a sense of humour, though, will realise that Island Of Death is one of the most daring films ever made. Mastorakis may not have had much of a budget, but he had massive balls.
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Cheesy as hell in places (the dummy from the plane being the worst instance), but deviant, varied and unusual. Too funny to be scary, but sure to break the ice at parties.
A twisted nugget of taboo-shattering, exploitation gold that proudly lives up to the term 'video nasty'. And with a killer soundtrack that heightens the delirium on display! Essential viewing...
Dodgy Seventies Euro trash with high fun quotient. Hilarious soundtrack too. I started to get bored towards the end, but the first hour is relentless in it's twistedness.
My corpse of a girlfriend threw me out of the house for putting this on. It's not a nice film you know.